Design Pricing

Hourly rate:
Project minimum: $100

$100 for the first hour. $50 for every proceeding hour.

Conditions: Stellar Graphics’ project minimum is $100. A non-refundable $75 down payment is required to start a project and will be deducted from the total cost of the project. A project will not start until a deposit is received and this project form signed. Once the project is finished, watermarks will be removed and all final copies will be sent to the client’s e-mail. Edits needed after payment for each project are free. Removal of the Stellar Graphics watermark by the client before payment could result in legal action. Cancellation of project mid-editing results in a $25 cancellation fee. Payment is due within 3 days of completion of project and late payment will result in a $25 late fee. Logos made by Stellar Graphics may NOT be modified by any other graphic artist and claimed as their own. These conditions are in place as a security measure to ensure both the client’s and Stellar Graphics’ legal safety. Please note: the ONLY email address you should send deposits/funds to or receive invoices from is